M.T. Brandão, established in 1984, operates in a high technology sector, with the main clients being the oil, food and chemical industries, among other industrial and technological companies. As well as educational institutions and scientific research.

The company has a solid structure, equipped with technical and human resources trained in international canter’s to answer to customers’ requirements. We have the best solutions to provide an assistance that guarantees the full functioning of the equipment that we commercialize.

M.T. Brandão develops its activity in the following Business Areas:

  • Laboratory and Process Analysis Instruments
  • Characterization of Materials
  • Lasers and Optoelectronics
  • Image, Test and Measure
  • Didactics
  • Assistance and Services

As a result of long experience and innovative technological capabilities, M. T. Brandão is a reference company in Portugal and Spain for quality control and scientific equipment.

The Pre-Sale service consists in responsible technical advice and capacity for demonstration of equipment and testing. After-Sales service is the continuous monitoring of the customer and the work performed with the equipment in order to guarantee its specifications and reliable results. Installation, start-up and training services ensure correct operation of the equipment according to its application and its correct use.

Through the Customer Service and Technical Service, we are always present and available to:

  • Perform installations, repairs, maintenance and calibrations
  • Check technical specifications
  • Respond to questions about the operation
  • Support new applications

With the Technical Assistance Agreements, you can guarantee the perfect functioning of your equipment annually without worrying about schedules or budget provision.

M.T. Brandão is headquartered in the Iberian Peninsula and has technical facilities in Porto and Madrid and support services in Lisbon, Seville and Luanda.

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