Not everything in PLANCKS is hard problems and physics! We have a selection of social activities for you to socialise with the other participants and relax during the competition. See below what we have in store for you.


There will be two quizzes about General Knowledge during PLANCKS 2021. If you cannot join one because of your time zone, you can join the other, even though the questions will not be the same, so don’t think about asking the first attendants for help!

The quizzes will happen through Zoom and Discord and will be based on Kahoot!

Evening Break

After all the excitement of the PLANCKS 2021 Opening Ceremony, 1st Guest Lecture and Quiz, we will have an Evening Break. This will be a more relaxed activity, when you will be able to talk with the other participants about anything you would like. It will take place over Zoom and we have a surprise planned for this break (Have you ever wondered where the inspiration for the Hogwarts costumes came from? 😉 )

Photo: Costume Party © ICPS 2017 Organising Committee, 2017

Warming Up

The countdown begins for the start of the competition! But before everyone starts working hard to solve the problems, you will warm up!

Be prepared to witness the city of Porto and do some challenges in the town’s most iconic spots! You will be divided into groups, where you’ll be able to play social games and complete the mini challenges together! But no pressure, it’s going to be a fun and easy going activity so that you can get to know other participants. It will also take place over Zoom!

Fun fact: the Warming Up was loosely based on previous ICPS (International Conference of Physics Students) City Rallies, so you know it’s going to be awesome!

Digital Coffee Breaks

During the Digital Coffee Breaks, you will be able to socialise and hang out with all the participants and the Organising Committee. It is a great opportunity to clear your mind from the hard problems and relax a bit. You can share your research, talk about your hobbies or even suggest games to play!

You just log into the zoom call, grab a coffee ☕ (or tea) and you can relax and get to know all the participants. Maybe, you can even use your PLANCKS coffee cup? 😉

Nations Coffee Break

The Nations Evening is a staple of all great physicist (or at least physics students) activities, as you can see above. It is all about the culture, the food and, of course, the drink of each person’s nation and region. While we may not be able to compare the food of our countries/regions during PLANCKS 2021 (alongside our very best beverages of course), we can still show and tell to rest of the group.

In our version, you will have some time to prepare a entertaining pitch with your friends about your country/region, and 1 minute to present it! So, you will have to make it fun! We also suggest you make a drinking game to go along with it (not necessarily alcoholic), to make it even more fun! This will happen, of course, in Zoom, with 10-15 people.

PS: In all the photos above, try to spot PLANCKS organisers of editions throughout the years 😉