As you can see, we have several different types of activities planned for you! See more information below.

Guest lectures

We will have nine guest lectures throughout PLANCKS 2021. The lectures occurring during the competition are named after the time zone they are based in!

We already have several speakers announced! If you want to know who they are and more about them and their research field, check out the Speakers page!

PLANCKS 2014 Opening Symposium when different Guest Lectures were given © PLANCKS 2014 Organising Committee, 2014


We will have workshops dedicated to skills you, as a physics student and future physicist, need to have. These can help you in your future, but are not exactly physics… See the Workshops page to find out what we have planned!

ICPS 2017 Data Science Workshop © ICPS 2017 Organising Committee, 2017

DFA Talks

You may not be coming to Porto, but we still want to show you what the research carried out in our department is!

The DFA Talks (DFA stands for Physics and Astronomy Department) will be focused on showing you the work being developed at each of the research institutes. You will be able to listen to interesting talks by young researchers and professors and ask them any question you may have!

You can find more information in the DFA Talks page.

A Talk at one of the lecture halls of DFA © PhysikUP, 2016

Social activities

Not everything in PLANCKS is hard work and problem solving! We have several social activities planned for you to relax and socialise with every participant from different “corners” of the world, like two Quizzes, the Warming Up and the infamous IAPS Nations Evening, which we converted online to the Nations Coffee Break.

You can find more information in the Social Activities page.

Games during PLANCKS 2019 © PLANCKS 2019 Organising Committee, 2019